6 Tips for Choosing Outdoor Furniture

A great set of furniture can bring function and comfort to an outdoor space. When a garden is outfitted with comfortable, stylish furniture, it can quickly become a haven during the year’s warmest months. Here, readers can get more details for how to choose the right furnishings that complement outdoor living areas.

Make a List

Start the shopping process by deciding how the outdoor space should function. Will it be used for summer dining? Will it be used to host outdoor parties, or will it become a peaceful place to read? By determining how space will be used, a buyer can find the right type of furniture.

Have a Seat

It’s important to try the furniture before making a purchase decision. Just like indoor furniture, garden furnishings are used on a regular basis. Therefore, it’s vital to test it for comfort and durability before buying.

Choose Easy-Care Pieces

Most of a buyer’s garden time should be spent enjoying the space rather than maintaining the furniture. Most cedar, teak, metal, and all-weather pieces can take whatever nature dishes out and stay great-looking for years.

Consider Storage Needs

Buyers can add many years to their garden furniture’s life by storing it in a safe location during the off-season. Even tough furniture made of teak or metal will last longer if it is properly stored. If the buyer’s storage space is limited, choose furniture that’s foldable or easily disassembled for storage.

Buy Quality Pieces

It’s been said that one gets what they pay for, and this applies equally to patio furniture. Resin tables and chairs may stay colorful for a couple of years but, with time, they will lose their coloring. Outdoor furniture is a big investment, and customers should read reviews and consumer reports before making a purchase.

Look for Dual-Purpose Furnishings

Outdoor furniture should work hard and look good. Ottomans can double as additional storage or seating, and benches can stand alone or be used for al fresco dining. Most people keep their garden furniture for quite some time, and it’s important to find pieces that will be usable long after they’re purchased.