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Taking a Holiday in Allgau

Allg?u is an area in the Swabia area which is in the south of Germany. This region is connected to the Alps and it has two main rivers in it namely lller and Lech. The Alps, farming, hiking in the mountain and the amazing landscapes are some of the reasons that make Allg?u a famous tourist destination. The people who visit Allg?u for its farming are also attracted by the dairy products especially cheese. The high mountains are located in Schwangau which is on the eastern region of Allg?u. In the Mountain Tegelberg there is a station which will leave you breathless with the bird eye view of the Alps. You can use a cable car which is available daily to get to the station. The Ammergbirge is the biggest nature reserve in Bavaria and it has its gates located in the Mountain top of Tegelberg.

The Alpines are home to the best skiing areas which are mostly enjoyed during the spring and the winter season. During these two seasons, there are also numerous winter sports to participate in. In summer there are outdoor activities like paragliding, cycling and even hiking in the mountains. You can also visit the nature parks which are located in the mountain and experience the wonderful wildlife and plant species. In the Bavaria area there are many diferent lakes like forggensee and schwansee. There are celebrations done during the harvest season which is during autumn. There are social events that include drinking wine and enjoying varieties of foodstuffs like roasted chestnuts at this particular season.
Another location known as a tourist destination in Allg?u is the ancient Kempten town. The Kempten town is the biggest in the Allg?u region.

It is an old town with a lot of historical artworks and cultural heritages to offer. The history of Kempten is that it was in the past divide between the Protestants and the Catholics. The history of the when Kempten was split can be found in the Erasmus Chapel on St. Mang-Platz square. The Erasmus Chapel on St. Mang-Platz square is an underground archaeological site with the state of the art lighting and sound technology to enable the people visiting to relive those times. The underground exhibition also displays skeletons of more than seven hundred people who died there. There are many outdoor activities to participate in and they are golf, tennis, cross-country skiing, canoeing, paragliding and cycling.

Oberstdorf which is located outside the Kempten town, is home to the fairy tale castles of Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau. In Kempten town, there are more historical places like the Roman museum and the Cambodunum archaeological park. Allg?u is also known for its warm hospitality. In Allg?u there are different accommodation options that include rental old farmhouses or the high end hotels. Allg?u also hosts many restaurants and cafes where one can enjoy the delicious Swabian cuisines.

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