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Two Tips to Help You Find the Right Walking Cane

If you have an injury or are disabled, maintaining balance when walking can be a challenge. You can however use a walking cane to improve your balance. When you want to buy a walking cane, you will have a wide variety to choose from. You will find walking canes that come in regular or unique shapes and made from diverse materials. You will need to carry out some research to know which can will be suitable to buy.

Walking canes that have a single tip are the most common. Single tip canes are quite useful for anyone does not have severe balance challenges. However, if you have suffered from an accident and are just recuperating, a single tip cane may not do a good job in helping you maintain balance. To overcome severe balance challenges, it is best to get a walking stick with four tips. The walking stick is also known as a quad cane. The cane has a broader base, which makes it easy for you to balance. However, using it can be quite awkward. The canes are usually recommended for patients who may have suffered severe stroke.

Before choosing a cane, you should ask for advice from your therapist of doctor.

Get a Cane With the Right Grip
One of the important things you should consider when looking to buy a walking cane is its grip. When it comes to grip, consider your preferences. To eliminate the chances of feeling pain when using a walking cane, ensure it has a large grip.

Choosing a cane with the correct grip will prevent you from feeling pain on your fingers, arms and joints. Using a cane that has a good grip will ensure you do not suffer from joint pains. When you feel pain on your fingers when using a walking cane, this means its grip is not right for you. Talk with your therapist to know which walking canes offer the best grips.

Consider the Fit of the Walking Cane
Fit is the other important factor to consider when evaluating different types of walking canes. If you wish, you can buy an adjustable walking cane that will allow you to adjust its fit. Whether you go for an adjustable or non-adjustable walking cane, make sure its fit is right for you.

An easy way you can use to determine whether a can offers a good fit is by checking how your elbow bends. When using a cane to walk, your elbow should be bent at about 15 degrees. Sometimes, the elbow will have to bend even more if you have major problems when it comes to balancing.

The above are two factors to consider before choosing a walking cane.

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