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Yoga Tips for Back Pain every Working Mom Should Know

Many people complain of back pains. In fact, in their lifetime, 80% of all Americans will experience some back pain. Back pain can have a great impact on the life of an individual, especially a mother. Forget about the actual pregnancy and look at the busy life of mothers of dropping and picking up children from school among other tasks; it is no surprise that they are the most affected by chronic back pain.

The relieve that every mum needs from these pains lie in Yoga. With some gentle movements through particular yoga poses, you can enhance the stability and agility of your back.

Downward Dog: this is one of the most basic and beginner yoga poses, but it can be a great pose to help you get rid of neck and back pain. To perform this pose, you keep your feet hip-distance apart and hands shoulder-distance apart. Do not arch your back more than it needs to.

With your heels pressed to the ground press your back through the inner and outer parts of your legs with equal pressure. Pull your spine and head forwards to your hands, and ensure that you have your back and shoulders pulled tight as you press through the fingers and the arms. This stretch can provide entire-body realignments.

If no changes are experienced after taking this pose, you might find yourself in the dilemma of finding the best chiropractor near me.

The Child’s Pose is another type of yoga pose that is ideal for back relaxation. Spread wide your knees then bring them back together for a balanced stretch. Slowly let your head drop to the ground and place a yoga block under the forehead for comfort. As you reach forward, breath slowly.

The child’s pose bring energy to the entire spine as you breathe. The tension on the back will dissolve as you breathe.

There are some yoga studios that offer coupons and discounts on their classes just in case you need some guidance.

Wall Plank for Best Yoga for Back Pain: Stand in front of a wall and at an arm’s length, reach forward and place your palms on the wall. Ensure that your spine as long as you walk your legs back and forth at the waist. When you get to the L-shape, move your legs and tailbone towards the floor while you move your head and back towards the wall.

This pose, if held for a few minutes with deep exhales provide great relief to the lower back. When considering yoga for back pain, the wall plank pose is one of the easiest and most beneficial.

Back pain can be quite a nuisance and painful. But if you turn to yoga, you will get the physical comfort, as well as the heart, soul, and mind, will benefit.