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Five Reason Why You Should Use Winter Tires

One dilemma that hits most people during winter is whether or not to use their vehicles. The model of your car may not be the reason limiting you from using your car in winter but the type of tires you have on your vehicle. There are a number of reasons that can make all-season car tires unusable during winter. To use your vehicle in winter, you may need to exchange your all-season tires with the winter tires. Winter tires are also called snow tires and are tires designed to withstand temperature drops even below forty-five degrees. Below are five advantages of using the winter tires.

Unlike ordinary tires, winter tires have an advantage in that they do not become hard in cold temperatures. Ordinarily, rubber making tires hardens or softens depending on the temperature of the surface they are in. Winter tires differ in that, they are made from a special kind of rubber that is not affected by extreme temperatures. This special rubber makes the winter tires remain in a usable state all around the year.

The big gaps between the treads of winter tires is an advantage in itself. All-season tires lack the big gaps between treads and this makes them not usable in conditions with snow or ice. Traction between the ground and the winter tires is increased greatly by the big gaps between the treads of the tires. The increased traction between the wheel surface and the ground enables you to brake and turn with ease.

The third advantage you enjoy when using winter tires is that they can be used all year round. The only times all-season tires are usable is in the hotter months of the year unlike winter tires which can be used in any time of the year as they are not affected by extreme temperatures. However, if you decide to use winter tires all year round, you may need to replace them more regularly.

The depth of the treads on winter tires has yet another advantage. The deep treads on the tires keeps the tire core protected from damage. There is a good amount of distance between the tire surface and the tube. Therefore, the risk of getting a puncture when using a winter tire is a lot less than when using an all-season tire on your vehicle.

Winter tires have yet another fifth advantage in that, they are able to tolerate high pressure from the loads you carry. This is contrast with the all-season tires that have less tolerance to large load pressure compared to the winter tires. Despite fitting your vehicle with winter tires, you can still carry luggage on your vehicle.

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