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Where to Go on a Motorcycle Road Trip

A motorcycle road trip is something exciting especially if you are going long distance at really high speeds. Driving fast on a motorcycle on a long lonely road with beautiful sceneries all around is one great outdoor experience. If you are someone with a good motorcycle, you should certainly go on these trips. They can really be wonderful experiences.

You might be asking yourself where the best places are to go riding your motorcycle at high speeds with no one minding you. For the best places to have your motorcycle road trip, there are a lot of Motorcycle Tours USA that you can take. In fact, America is home to some of the best of these places. Below are some of the best places where you can take your motorcycle road trip.

The Denali highway in Alaska is one of the best places to have a motorcycle road trip. The next time you go to Alaska, make sure that you take your motorcycle along Denali highways. Taking your motorcycle to Denali highway means traveling on its 135 mile length. The Denali highway is not completely paves so that makes it more exciting for motorcycle riders. Because of its dirt road, it makes speeding on a motorbike much more fun and really exciting. The length of the highway is surrounding but beautiful sceneries all over. If you want to view mountains, then this is the place for you to go motorcycle riding. You will not miss the beautiful glaciers of Alaska along the way. So if you want to go on a bike road trip where you will see all these remarkable scenes, Denali highway in Alaska should definitely be in your list.

Another great place to take your motorcycle road trip is on CA Route 58. Route 58 is a thick two-way highway. The landscape surrounding this highway is very different from that of Denali highway. Instead of being surrounded by cold mountains, you will be surrounded by the flat Mojave desert. This 261 mile highway does not only cover the Mojave desert, but there are other types of environment all over. When you reach the tip of the highway, you will be at California’s Pacific coast.

If your thing is something more exciting than simply speeding through flat highways, then you should try US Route 129 which is also called the Tail of the Dragon. If you are someone who likes curving mountain passes, then this highway is perfect for you. This highway is 11 miles long and is situated between Tennessee and North Carolina on the Great Smoky Mountain range. There are many motorcycle drivers who come and enjoy this highway because of its beautiful curving roads. This is one very popular biking highway in the world.